In my spare time, I’m writing some tutorials.  One of the first was to show how easy and powerful it is to tie in web services in the backend; to web programming using AJAX in the browser.  Here is the start of the blog series talking about how to do that.

Here is the final result in a demo page:  Get the Weather for your current location.

Or, a web application I wrote to make it easy to see Dallas Restaurant Scores.

My next project is to write an application that will show how to use public, government supplied data for display in a browser.   Here’s what I want to show and what the final solution will do:

  • How to pull down data and import it for viewing.  This will include showing how to automate this for regularly updated data.
  • Our data will be public health data for restaurant scores.  A user can bring up a browser window, and using their location, it will give a list of restaurants and show their recent health department scores.
  • This will use programming in the browser and the server in a servlet.

I’ll post a link once I get this mini-project rolling.

I’ve had enough of Windows and have moved exclusively to Java and Linux.  However, from my years working at Microsoft and in the corporate world, I developed these tools which run on Windows:

Backup SQL Express.

Here is the blog post.  You can see the code here.  And download the source and pre-compiled version here.

Cerner’s LZW Implementation

Blog Post here.  See the code here.

PDF Manipulations
  1. Lock/Unlock PDF (add or remove password to PDF):  Blog Post here.  Source here.  Executable here.
  2. Several Document utilities in a single executable.  Blog here.  Source here.  Executable here.  The application includes the following functionality:
    1. Lock PDF
    2. Unlock PDF
    3. Extract TIFF from XPS document file
    4. Split multi-page TIFF document into individual pages
    5. Compress TIFF files
    6. Convert TIFF to PDF format.
  3. Merge PDFs into a single PDF document.  Blog here. Source here.  Executable here.