Hello and welcome to my professional blog.  I started this blog about ten years ago after I left Microsoft where I had blogged on MSDN for several years.

When I started in the technology field, some forty years ago, the community (mostly through Prodigy and Compuserve) was wonderful in providing help and assistance.  I’ve always had the attitude of wanting to return the favor by writing about things that are challenging at times.  I hope you find this blog helpful.  I’ve been surprised that with just a handful of posts, it still receives hundreds of visits each week.

I am almost fully retired now and spend some of my free time writing about personal and professional things.  For example, I have put up a site, Learn2Code.solutions with two child site:  one for learning web development at web.learn2code.solutions and the other focused on SQL Server at sql.learn2code.solutions.  These are currently nascent sites and I am retired so they may not get much attention.  However, please visit and feel free to leave comments and questions over there or on this site and I’ll attempt to answer as time permits.

In any case, thank you for stopping by.